IKEA specification updates online training accomplished

On March 18th, ITCS organized an online training Testing related update in new version of textile specifications in response to the recent update of Textile test relating IKEA specifications, such as IOS-TM-0007, chemical specifications IOS-MAT-0010/0054 etc.


A total of 80+ participants from more than 40 suppliers participated in the online training. The test engineer explained the test changes related to the specification update, and answered on-site questions together with specialist from PLAEA-PC team.


Although the unexpected outbreak of COVID-19 virus has disrupted ITCS's original training plan. We have to temporarily suspend all on-site training and open days before the end of April. But in order to let our clients still can learn the test knowledge through the digital tools in this special period, in addition to publishing test videos on the website every week, we will also conduct online training according to the needs of suppliers and the update of IKEA specifications.


In the coming months, we plan to provide more online trainings according to the actual situation. The specific information will be notified to you by the customer service via email, so stay tuned!

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